No Contact Touchless Device Only From Smart Industries

Controls: Forward, Back, Left, Right, and Claw Drop Button

Replaces joystick on Smart Cranes: PT Classic®, Ticket Ring® and more!

touchless full control

Introducing SMART TOUCHLESS: an available option on all new Smart 24-45" cranes and as a kit to replace the controls on many previous generation cranes

The new Smart Touchless controller presents technology that allows players to operate and control skill cranes without contacting the game controls themselves.

This two part system features a 2 axis 4 directional touchless control and a touchless claw sensor allowing the player to move the crane mechanism in all directions Left, Right, Forward, Backward, and to drop the claw with the touchless claw sensor.

After purchasing Credits on the game, a player uses his finger above the desired directional sensor (Forward, Backward, Left, or Right), never making contact with the controller itself. The finger is held above the sensor itself without making contact. The player will use each directional control to align the claw above the desired prize. Once the player's desired alignment is reached, the player will place their finger above the claw sensor causing the claw to drop, close and return home.

The Smart Touchless controller is a contactless device and will give your players confidence in the game they play.

New! Patent Pending! Works on a variety of Smart games. Works on older Smart games too.
Order the Touchless feature on all new Smart cranes or as a Kit for Smart cranes with 1st & 2nd Gen consoles