Ticket RingTM 45"

Ticket Ring 45"
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Add illuminated brilliance to your location with our new Ticket RingTM CRANE. This exciting new crane features fully lit front panels with colors cast by LED's. Choose the colors that best fit your location and add elegance and attraction to your crane. Players attempt to win ticket rings in various values. The rings can be redeemed at the redemption counter where tickets or swipe cards are used. In swipe card locations the attendent will credit the players card with the value of tickets won. In all locations the rings are then recycled back into the game.

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Ticket RingTM 45" blue
Ticket RingTM 45" green


  1. Delightful Front Frame Illumination
  2. Single LED color (Choose your color)
  3. 45" Crane - Medium Claw Assembly
  4. DBA Ready
  5. Credit/Timer Display (7 segment LED)
  6. "Play Till You Win" (On/Off Dip Switch setting)
  7. Interactive Sound System
  8. High Volume capacity playfield
  9. Durable Lexan front panels
  10. Imonex Coin Mechanism
  11. 4-way Joystick
  12. Steel security padlock tabs on console and front glass door
  13. Tamper Resistant / Coat Hanger Proof Cabinet
  14. Independent Locking Coin Box
  15. Tempered Safety Glass
  16. Prize Hole: 6.5" x 7.5"


  1. 220 Volt AC Transformer
  2. DBA With 500 Bill Stacker (Pyramid / ICT / MEI)
  3. US/Canadian w/ 400 Stacker CoinCo
  4. Custom Graphics
  5. Select your color: Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange


Ticket RingTM 45" Narrow: 45"W x 36.5"D x 80"H - Weight: 445 lbs. (with 150 rings)

Ticket RingTM 45" Jumbo: 45"W x 46.75"D x 80"H - Weight: 545 lbs. (with 225 rings)

Shipping Dimensions

Ticket RingTM 45" Narrow: 42"W x 55"D x 88"H - Weight: 445 lbs.

Ticket RingTM 45" Jumbo: 48"W x 55"D x 88"H - Weight: 545 lbs.