Ticket TimeTM with Ticket-SmartsTM - the first crane compatible with RFID chip technology.

crane with Ticket-Smarts installed
ticket-smarts playfield

The playfield insert allows the system
to read RFID chips on ticket bundles.

mp4 kit

This addition to Smart's Ticket TimeTM Cranes makes them even easier and more profitable to operate!


An integrated RFID system that reads ticket bundle values and adds them to players' swipe card automatically instead of dispensing them.

Order your new Smart Ticket TimeTM Crane and tell us you want it with "Ticket-Smarts"TM.


See the full article from RePlay magazine!

Hear what operators have to say about the Ticket-SmartsTM system:

"It is by far the best game of 2016 without question! We love the Ticket TimeTM crane, but we also felt we needed something that didn't dispense actual tickets and instead kept track of the winnings on a player card. The Ticket TimeTM crane with Ticket-SmartsTM has done as well as the original Ticket TimeTM without the hassles of dealing with tickets, dispensing, counting, and so on. In our game room, we run without tickets so this was big. Honestly, the players like not having to carry the tickets around and deal with them at the counter."

-- Clarence Mabe of S&M Amusements - Gray, Tenn

"I bought a single Ticket TimeTM 10 weeks ago and it's been #1 in the room ever since. It paid for itself in a week! The numbers are nuts. For the money, it's the best game we've ever bought by far! It's also been incredibly reliable: We haven't had any problems with it at all.

-- Mark Weis of Airway Fun Center - Portage, Mich

"It literally paid for itself in 1 week."

-- David Boothroyd, The Funplex North, Mt. Laurel, NJ

"Ticket TimeTM makes more in a day than most of my games make in a week. The game has been the number one machine in my Riverside, CA Mall location since it was installed."

-- Zach Thicksten, Palomar Amusements

"In 28 years I've never seen anything so simple make so much money."

-- Louis Riposts, Hot Shot Amusements Inc

"I would recommend it for any FEC, it is a must have."

-- Shawn Hetzel, Frankies Fun Park, Greenville, SC

"Beautifully designed, excellent earnings, and good ROI."

-- Joe Camarota, Alpha Omega