Hollywood Photo Booth Printer Upgrade Kit now available!

If compatible, your booth will probably look like one of the photo booths pictured below

hollywood photo boothhollywood photo booth3 in 1 photo booth3 in 1 photo booth

What you need to complete your Printer Upgrade Kit:

plus plus plus
HI-TI Printer
HITI printer
included in #40424
Mounting Hardware

Replacement paper chute

Updated Software
(adds the ability to
print strip photos in
Event Rental Mode)
included in #40424
Media Kit:
includes 2 rolls of film
and 2 Toner Cartridges
HITI media
1000 Prints per roll

part #51904
New PC
(when required -
see list at right)
included in #40426


* Pricing may vary depending on game configuration • Contact your local Smart Distributor for details

In September 2011, we told you about the new printer and updated program shipping with every new Smart Hollywood Photo Booth. This new printer has the highest capacity of any photo booth printer in the industry, and not only does this new printer lower your cost per print to 20 CENTS PER PRINT*, but runs with new software which allows you to print strip photos when in the booth’s Event Rental Mode.


Now, for those with newer booths who may not need a whole new cabinet, Smart Industries has Printer Upgrade Kits available. Install this new kit on a variety of Smart Hollywood Photo Booths to take advantage of the lower cost per print and additional features.


Kits not available for “In Living Color” Hollywood Photos Systems or “Classic” photo booths


Printer Upgrade Kit available on photo booth models with one of the following printers:

  • Sony CX printer
  • HP 2200 printer
  • HP 2000C printer


and any of the following computers:

  • Dell Vostro 200 & 220 PC
  • Dell C521 PC
  • Dell 2350 PC (computer replacement required)
  • Dell 2400 PC (computer replacement required)
  • Dell 1100 PC (computer replacement required)


Part #


Kit, Upgrade CPB-Metal, HITI Printer


Kit, Upgrade CPB-Metal,
HITI Printer & DIT Computer


Paper, HITI Printer P720L,
1000 sheets per roll, 2 Rolls per case