Fright NightTM

Fright Night
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Smart Industries is pleased to debut our first ever game that combines both redemption & self merchandising in one package. This delightful unit features the exciting play of a hammer game as well as options for ticket redemption and/or a merchandise vendor. The game has 4 different configuration options. Ticket only, Prizes Only, Tickets & Prizes, and Entertainment Only.

(Prize Cabinet Option)
How to Win a Prize
After coin-up, the player selects the prize they want to win, prize 1,2,3, or 4 using the select button on the front of the game. The game will then generate the score necessary to win a prize for that game on the lower right display. If a player reaches the necessary score at the end of the game, the prize will dispense automatically.

If a Ticket Dispenser feature is used and a player does not reach the score necessary to win a prize, the game will dispense the number of tickets to the player based on the score.



  1. 2 Stages of Play
  2. Score and Timer Displays (7 segment LED)
  3. Dual Coin Comparator Mechs
  4. Ticket Dispenser
  5. Durable Hammer
  6. Delightful Sounds and Graphics
  7. Reliable soft play character kickers


  9. Locking lower service access door
  10. Locking rear access panel
  11. Prize Cabinet

  12. Locking front service access door
  13. Locking rear access panel
  1. Prize Cabinet (sold separately)


Fright NightTM: 44.5"W x 32.75"D x 75"H

Fright NightTM Prize Cabinet: 23.5"W x 23.75"D x 54.25"H

Shipping Dimensions

Fright NightTM: 36"W x 53"D x 68"H - Weight: 355 lbs.

Fright NightTM Prize Cabinet: 28"W x 31"D x 62"H - Weight: 185 lbs.