Shoot to Win Arena®

Shoot to Win Arena
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Smart Industries is pleased to present a new 2 hoop basketball game featuring, for the first time ever, the "Basket Defender". Shoot to Win Arena® not only lets the players play each other, but at the same time the players compete against the machine. As the players shoot the basketball, the game defenders' moving hands move up and down to block the shots. Arena simulates realistic challenges seen on the real court. This exciting new addition to the Smart Shoot to Win lineup creates challenges, excitement and fun not seen before. Get to the Arena, and get into the game.


  1. Two Player Stations (for 1 or 2 Player games)
  2. DBA Ready
  3. Dual Mechanical Coin Mechs
  4. 3 Rounds of play (2 rounds with Defending Arm Action)
  5. Interactive Graphic Display (Dot Matrix)
  6. Multiple Score/Timer Displays (7-Segment)
  7. Interactive sound effects and music
  8. Includes twelve 8” basketballs (can use 7” up to regulation 9” balls)
  9. Multi-colored Rope Lights with speed and pattern control
  10. Operator adjustable Playing Time and Ticket Settings
  11. Durable polycarbonate backboard
  12. Easy Assembly - fits through standard doorways before assembly
  13. Durable 18-Guage Steel Console
  14. Locking Coin Box
  1. Dual Ticket Dispensers
  2. DBA With 300 or 500 Bill Stacker (Pyramid)
  3. DBA With 300 or 500 Bill Stacker (ICT)
  4. DBA With 300 or 500 Bill Stacker (MARS)
  5. DBA with 400 Bill Stacker (CoinCo)
  6. Looney/Twoney Coin Mech


Shoot to Win Arena®: 63"W x 101.5"D x 96.5"H - fits in room with 8 foot ceilings

Shipping Dimensions

Shoot to Win Arena®:
Pallet 1: 67"W x 104"D x 49"H - Weight: 854 lbs.
Pallet 2: 40"W x 67"D x 43"H - Weight: 314 lbs.