Smart Industries is a privately owned manufacturer of coin operated amusement games. Founded by Gordon Smart, as CEO, and his son, Jeff Smart, as president. In 1963 Smart Industries started as a traveling amusement operating company, which consisted of 500 games and a 200 piece traveling arcade. Then they expanded into permanent arcades in amusement parks throughout the Midwest, including Adventureland Park. In 1985 Smart Industries began developing and manufacturing their own crane games.

With a large market for these games and a high demand that wasn't being satisfied, Smart became the answer. Smart developed their first crane, the Clean Sweep/ Bear Claw, which was the start for the longest lasting crane manufacturer in the USA.

Since then Smart Industries has created a wide variety of great new games that have revolutionized the industry. The largest development that Smart has given the industry is the joystick crane, which is seen on virtually every crane on the market today. Smart has also developed games like Shoot to Win and Big Bertha, as well as the newest addition to the Smart family, the Hollywood Photos Photo Booths.

Growing from only 3 employees to over 120, Smart is consistently enhancing the quantity and quality of electronic games. Smart Industries continues to increase sales and market share throughout the world. As an international company Smart Industries reaches out into new markets all across the globe, selling machines to amusement parks, arcades, carnival circuits, route operators, and family fun centers. To ensure that Smart's customers are getting the best product on the market, there is continuous research and innovative game designing taking place every day at Smart Industries.


Above - Gordon and Jeff Smart discuss games (circa 1995).

Below - Some of the games Smart Industries has produced in the past.

Gordon and Jeff Smart
Time to Win Big Bertha Clean Sweep