The Giant ® Taj Mahal (Plush)

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Giant Crane
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NEW DESIGN! Updated graphics, top marquee, lighting, corners, console, and prize box!


Now we've got another option for those who say "bigger is better" and have more space to take advantage of that. Giant size means giant toys and giant profits! Standing 8 feet high, 8 feet wide, and 9 feet deep, this is a very impressive crane! Comes with great decals, adjustable claw strength, and the ability to vend 25" to 45" merchandise. With prizes like that, this crane will definitely draw a crowd.


  1. Giant Claw Assembly vends 25" to 45" prizes
  2. DBA with 500 Bill Stacker (ICT)
  3. Dual Coin Comparator Mechs
  4. 4-way Joystick
  5. Credit/Timer Display (7 segment LED)
  6. Child-proof, secure, mechanical rolling prize door
  7. Interactive Sound System
  8. Unique Taj Mahal decal design
  9. Large cabinet design lets you feature high volume of oversize plush
  10. Walk-in door access
  11. High Security 18 Gauge Steel Console
  12. Steel security padlock tabs on console and front glass door
  13. Tamper Resistant / Coat Hanger Proof Cabinet
  14. Independent Locking Coin Box
  15. Tempered Safety Glass
  16. Child proof, secure mechanical rolling prize door
  17. Prize Hole: 28" x 24"


  1. Card reader ready
  2. 220 Volt AC Transformer
  3. Bottom metal frame with heavy-duty casters
  4. DBA With 500 Bill Stacker (Pyramid / MEI)
  5. US/Canadian w/ 400 Stacker CoinCo


Giant ® Taj Mahal: 96"W x 107"D x 92"H

Shipping Dimensions

Large Crate: 34"W x 99"D x 56"H - Weight: 1728 lbs.

Pallet (3 sm crates): 47"W x 64"D x 56"H - Weight: 668 lbs.